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Thank you for your interest!  Patrick Ki offers solo guitar and/or ukulele music in many styles, including popular love songs, soft pop, jazz, latin jazz (Brazilian & flamenco), and classical.  His warm playing is enhanced with tasteful background tracks, creating a unique sound that listeners love.

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SOLO Guitar:  (928) 254-9224



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PATRICK KI'S SOLO GUITAR repertoire pays tribute to legendary musical artists like the Beatles, James Taylor, the Eagles, and other classic performers. Add to that his groovy latin tunes and fun blues licks and you've got great music for entertainment and ambiance!

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Patrick Ki also performs with a number of bands, offering classic rock/pop (50s-80s), latin jazz (bossa novas, boleros & flamenco), jazz/swing (standards 20s-60s)  theme shows ('Baby Boomer Blast', 'Eagles, Beatles & Other Wild Things", "Great American Songbook"...) and holiday shows (Mardi Gras, Christmas...)

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